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Info sur Koweït

Islam is the official religion of the State of Kuwait. Since arabic is the language of the Holy Quran, "the Islamic Constitution", arabic is the official language of the State of Kuwait, as stated in Kuwait Constitution. This can be attributed to the fact that founders of the Kuwaiti Constitution realized the significance of the arabic language as a factor of the unity and coherence among Arab countries. Furthermore, arabic is a means for the emergence and spread of the Arab civilization.

Across Kuwait history, arabic language was influenced by other languages and societies in Kuwait. Kuwaitis, now, speak a nice of arabic dialect in their colloquial daily discourse. It is a popular language that has its own characteristics and qualities of a language. It comes close to the Classical arabic. The Arab Kuwaiti dialect combines the present time with the history via bonds of strong Arab and substantial linguistic ties.

In June 30, 2008, the population of Kuwait was estimated at 3.328.136 persons according to the Central Statistical office. In this census, the number of Kuwaitis reached 1.038.598, while the rest were non-Kuwaitis and foreigners.

Kuwaiti Dinar is the official currency of Kuwait. Each Dinar comprises of 1000 fils. Kuwait currency consists of six categories in denominations: Quarter (¼) of Dinar, Half (½) of Dinar, One (1) Dinar, Five (5) Dinars, Ten (10) Dinars and Twenty (20) Dinars).

Kuwait lies in the northwestern part of the Arabian Gulf, between latitudes 28.30 and 30.06 north, and longitudes 46.30 and 49.00 east. Its north-west borders are with Iraq, and its south and south-west borders are with Saudi Arabia.

Its shores of the Arabian Gulf lie on the west. This special location provided Kuwait with a commercial importance. It is a natural outlet for northwestern part of the Arab Peninsula. The total area of Kuwait is 17.818 square Kilometers.

The nine islands pertaining to State of Kuwait are: Failaka Island, Bubiyan Island, Miskan Island, Warbah Island, Auhah Island, Umm al Maradim Island, Umm an Namil Island, Kubbar Island and Qaruh Island.

Kuwait is divided into six governorates:

Capital Governorate (Kuwait): The capital of Kuwait. This governorate includes the House of Government and the Cabinet. All Kuwait islands pertain to the Capital as well as territorial sea and waters of condominium.

Al Jahra: The largest governorate. It is regarded as an agricultural area.

Hawalli Governorate: Densely populated governorate by various segments of the society. Many Arab communities reside in Hawalli.

Al Farwaniyah Governorate: One of the smallest Kuwaiti governorates. Amongst its famous landmarks is Kuwait International Airport.

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate: Took its name from the seventh Governor of Kuwait, Sheikh Mubarak Al Sabah. He was well-known as Mubarak Al Kabeer. It is the latest governorate regarding its date of foundation.

Al-Ahmadi Governorate: Named after the late Amir Ahmed Al Jabber. It is distinguished by the oil fields.

Located in the desert geographical region, Kuwait has a continental climate characterized by its dry hot long summer and short warm winter with occasional rainfalls. Dusty storms often occur during the summer months. The relative humidity increases and temperature sometimes reaches 50 °C under shadow.

Despite its short period, winter in Kuwait is warm. However, during winter the temperature occasionally reaches 18 °C or even 0 °C.Winter rainfalls are irregular and vary in quantity from one year to other.
For the autumn and spring seasons, they are distinguished by their short periods.



S.E.M Mohamed Ali Moumin a reçu à la Chancellerie des stagiaires Djiboutiens poursuivant une formation de langue Arabe au Koweït pour une durée de 3 mois. Plus


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